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Un articol extrem de interesant despre Google way trecut, prezent si viitor. Spune multe dar si mai multe se pot citi printre randuri. 
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Where does Google go next?

it’s making gobs of money. Yes, it’s full of smart people. Yes, it’s a
wonderful place to work. So why are so many people leaving?

By Adam Lashinsky, senior writer
(Fortune) — Sean Knapp had it made. As a young computer scientist, he
couldn’t have had a better gig: working at Google, the engineer’s
paradise. He had all the usual perks – a massage every other week,
onsite laundry, free all-you-can-eat haute cuisine. Even better, he got
to work on some of Google’s highest-profile products, including the
search technology that is the heart and soul of the company. And he
made full use of his "20% time," that famous one day a week that Google
gives its engineers to work on whatever project they want. A little
over a year ago he and a couple of colleagues, brothers Bismarck and
Belsasar Lepe, ages 28 and 21, respectively, did what many of the young
geniuses do at Google: They came up with a cool idea, in this case a
new way to handle Web video.
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