OpenID Romania

OpenID Romania este acum o certitudine. Pornita ca si experienta personala, sper ca in cel mai scurt timp solutia de autentificare unica sa existe pe cat mai multe servicii din internet-ul romanesc.
Revin cu informatii suplimentare. Pana atunci orice suporter este binevenit. 

  • Promoting OpenID to the users in a fun and attractive way,

  • Manage intellectual property rights of OpenID in Europe (name, logo, websites, IPR Policy),

  • Help and/or lobby European companies / services for adoption of OpenID,

  • Participate to public events (barCamps, conferences, interviews, etc.),

  • Promote the latest innovation and improvements of OpenID to media,

  • Defend OpenID in case of legal issues with other legal entities,

  • Seek and choose one representative a serious member -
    not looking for commercial benefits – for each country or language in

  • Monitor whats going on the digital identity market in Europe,

  • Host OpenID services or blogs and protect end users ,

  • Gather funds to support innovative initiatives,

  • Manage the translation of important documents in the different European languages,

  • Connect people with different skills, and specifically technical skills (collect, organize and share ideas),

  • Watch usage and protection of OpenID usages (privacy of users),

  • Gather companies / investors and more generally people carrying projects related to OpenID,

  • Work in collaboration with the OpenID community (OpenID founders, developers),

  • Distribute accreditation to OpenID services based on criteria to be defined (wikis, directories, etc.),

  • Gather ideas and improvements from services and members to share it with the community,

  • Be the European voice of OpenID, in case of important choice to be made for the community.
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