SEO newsletter (21 Dec 2005)

Bun gasit la o noua versiune a newsletter-ului meu saptamanal cu noutati despre motoarele de cautare.
sectiunea stiri :
- Google se ofera sa plateasca 1 Miliard de dolari
pentru 5% din actiunile AOL. – aponia se pregateste sa dezvolte un motor
de cautare ca si competitie pentru Google.


Articole interesante de citit :

This is the Google side of your brain

“As more people find themselves spending much of the day within arm’s reach
or even pocket’s reach of something that can tap into the Internet, search
engine Google quickly is taking the place of not only a trip to the library, but
also a call home to Mom, a recipe box, the phone book and neighborly

Is ‘Googlezon’ in our

“In the video, search-engine giant Google and online retailer Amazon join to
create ‘Googlezon.’ [...] They unleash EPIC, the Evolving Personalized
Information Construct, which filters and delivers [...] a custom content package
for each user, using his choices, his consumption habits, his interests, his
demographic, his social network.”

Diller Asks
Jeeves to Grow

    “Barry Diller’s Internet empire expects to increase the staff at its Ask
    Jeeves search engine by about 20% [...] The expansion comes as Jeeves, which
    employs 650 workers now, posts solid gains in traffic but remains overshadowed
    by its more famous and deeper-pocketed rivals.”

Proposed AOL-Google deal hits opposition

    “The real risk for Time Warner shareholders is that a Google joint venture
    may be short-sighted in nature and may preclude any consideration of a broader
    set of alternatives.”

Cele mai importante stiri :

to pay $1 billion for AOL stake

“Google is poised to pay $1 billion for a 5 per cent stake in Time Warner’s
America Online unit. [...] Google and AOL have a years-long relationship for AOL
to carry paid search ads from the Google network, and split the revenue with the
search engine giant. AOL’s general Web search is powered by Google’s search

releases local search function

“MSN UK has launched a beta version of ‘MSN Local Search’, which helps people
search for local services and businesses by town or postcode.”

Yahoo releases open search shortcuts

“Open Shortcuts (beta) are custom keywords that take you directly to a site,
a search, or start a task right from the search box. In Unix speak: if the
search box is the command-line of the web, shortcuts are

Japan aims to give Google some competition

“The Japanese government is teaming up with electronic, telecommunication and
media companies in the country as well as universities to develop an Internet
search engine to give Google some competition.”

Google adds music search and purchase features

“Google Inc. is introducing a music search feature that details the work of
certain featured artists, the company said late on Wednesday. [...] The music
search feature is prominently placed above the main search results in what
Google calls its ‘one box’ area — where information such as weather, movies or
books may also be highlighted.”




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